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September 20, 2015
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October 6, 2015
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S&H Machine Branding Campaign

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 S&H Machine

When S&H Machine, a manufacturer that primarily services the aerospace industry, transitioned to a new management team we were brought in to establish new identity for the company.

First up was a new logo for the company.  They wanted something simple and integrated but with a bit of a retro feel that might have come from the company’s roots in the 1960s. The logo is bold, simple and includes an iconic swoosh aerospace shape typical of that time period.

The branding and colors were integrated into everything from brochures and letterhead, to digital media, signage and advertising campaigns.

As part of the branding campaign, we created a series of postcards to be sent to clients, each focusing on a specific strength of the revitalized company.

These mailer cards all worked together with the web site, brochure and email newsletters to portray the company as a high-quality, leading manufacturer.

This integrated campaign contributed to the company’s massive growth, new clients and sales increase.